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Gola Base Cabinet – Double Cut

Gola Base Cabinet – Double Cut

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Product Name:
Gola Base Cabinet - Double Cut
Published Date:
August 24, 2018
About Product

Tusker Stainless Steel 304 Gola Base Cabinet – Double Cut, is best for general worktop platform of choice. It provides the convenience of storage and the style you seek in a cabinet.

Gola Base Cabinet – Double Cut Product Specifications:

Gola Base Cabinet – Double Cut

  • Provision / cut out for ‘J’ Profile at top & ‘C’ profile in the middle on both sides of cabinet/screw fixing

Standard Heights

  • 720mm / Depth 560mm


  • 200 / 300 / 450 / 500 / 600 / 800 / 900 / 1000 / 1050 / 1100 / 1200 mm


  • Trendy for handle less operation
  • Gola profiles of Hafele, Grass make
  • Concealed hinges, Draw Systems make of Blum, Tandem Box, Antaro, Legra Box, Hettich, Innotech, Quadro Channels, Telescopic channels for wired baskets, Grass Hardware, EBCO and many more
  • All hardware conforming to system 32


  •  Stainless steel cabinets in 304 grade 18 gauge are strong & sturdy
  •  Kitchen layout can be assembled with strong and everlasting eco-friendly steel
  • Can be disassembled and reassembled any number of times without wear and tear
  •  Modular kitchen carcasses/cabinets, in standard international sizes
  •  Easy to arrange cabinets as per layout of the 5 work zones of a kitchen
  •  Easy to install-limited tools required
  •  Easy provision made for running LPG piping, electricity wires for inner lighting, touch-to-open devices for high-end kitchens


  • Hardware upscale as required
  •  Perfect symmetry with right angles after installation
  •  Base, corner, tall, and wall cabinets for all applications
  •  Provision for sink and gas hob cavity between two cross members
  •  Made for the perfect alignment
  •  Easy fitment of cabinet fixing screws
  •  Lay any platform of choice with high stability
  •  Perfect Functionality of hardware due to high precision of predrilled holes
  •  The speed of installing with easy hand-held power tools at site
  • Choice of creating provision for thread for machine screws at hardware fixing points


  • Longest lasting, pest free (including termites), germ and fungus free
  • Change functional hardware as and when budget permits
  • The product of choice for very humid conditions, suiting the Indian way of cooking
  •  Change colour of fronts after years to refurbish
  •  Retrofitting of hardware for over a period, for enhancement in functions, without disturbing the platform
  •  Carpenters’ manual errors can be avoided
  •  Provides clear-cut precision holes with guidelines to installers
  •  Change shelf and drawer heights as per your requirement