Prasara, Begun with an exciting dream and a will to succeed in 2013, TUSKER has taken a strong foothold as a pioneer in designing and manufacturing innovative cabinetry complementing the Modular Kitchen & Vanity industry.
TUSKER is backed by its repute of being managed by professionals with immense experience in the Modular Kitchen & Vanity industry.
In-depth knowledge of ergonomics, design, manufacturing, and hands-on installation expertise has enabled the founders of TUSKER to develop modern cabinetry for Modular Kitchens & Vanity spaces that negate many long-standing problems that exist with carpentry and modular furniture manufacturing processes.
All this is backed by a dedicated team that strives to bring innovative product lines with impeccable quality to every household.
The many innovative products offered by TUSKER are the first of its kind in the world.
Several of our product designs are patented and more are in the pipeline.

Prasara Milestones

prasaraWhat we do

  • Ergonomic, global & patented designs
  • Aesthetic and practical for users & customers
  • Uniformity in products to the ‘T’
  • Process driven manufacturing
  • Consistency in Quality
  • Modular designs aid logistics, effective time management
  • Superior materials along with accessories from brands of international repute