Indian Kitchen Congress Award 2019

Indian Kitchen Congress Award 2019

Indian Kitchen Congress Award 2019: Most Innovative Kitchen Product

It’s an immense pleasure forTusker to get awarded for the most innovative kitchen product presented by Indian Kitchen Congress. The CEO extended his heartfelt thanks to all his partners, suppliers, members and of course the backbone of the company, the team.

Why Tusker bags the most innovative kitchen product award?

Tusker is manufacturing and producing inside India through the creative rendition of industry experts. The artists and designers are working endlessly to craft state of the art design which stands for its uniqueness and durability. 
The purpose is to serve the customers with a product that will last for a lifetime, erasing all worries of getting damaged. The high-end quality SS 304 Grade is a perfect example of authenticity and purity that wins the trust of thousands of customers. 


Product Quality
Tusker is a name that clarifies the toughness steel can hold in compare to other products where one has to worry about pests, rust, and other damages. The hygienic steel cabinet is a hindrance to all kinds of pests and it resists heat and water shocks. Stability stands strong because of the raw materials used are completely different with a better functionality of the hardware. It is weather resistant and with the machine holes, hardware functions much better and absolutely without any maintenance cost. 

Tusker innovates state of the art design and crafts it with the right technology.  It gives your kitchen space the perfect shape and size. The cutting edge technology used in the design and effective qualities makes the cabinet lucrative for customers. These cabinets are compatible with all types of hardware thus reducing the pain of carpenters and manufacturers. It adorns the look of one’s kitchen while also creating a convenient storage area for various items.

Tusker is appreciated because of its on-time delivery feature. Customers receive the products on the same day or the next day after paying the booking amount.
Transportation, logistics, inventory management have topped in terms of services. The fixing manuals come inside the pack which is making the carpenter’s work much easier. They can assemble the cabinet in 5-7 minutes without any error.

From the customer’s point of view, the cabinets are hygienic as there is no chemical emission at joints, no adhesive to paste laminates or to join edge banding, no compression of different materials and no chemical smell. 
The second advantage is longevity and functionality, the hardware remains the same throughout, starting from day one.

Tusker is performing its social responsibilities by setting an example with its raw materials. It is not using wood for the structure which is saving the environment from losing more trees. The way the trees are getting uprooted, the entire generation along with the future is in danger. Tusker is contributing to the environment in an indirect way.
On the other hand, it is supporting the ‘Make in India’ concept by manufacturing each and every part inside our country.
Today, Tusker is surging high towards the goal of achieving more success by satisfying the needs of the customers at the right level.

Tusker has an effective team of spirited professionals who aim to turn innovations into reality, every time. 
Without the support and encouragement of the enthusiastic team members, it would not have been possible for Tusker to come this far and achieve the award.
The journey has been tremendously innovative with new technical ideas and this is leading to enduring success. 


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