Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About Stainless Steel Kitchens – Myths & Misconceptions

Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About Stainless Steel Kitchens – Myths & Misconceptions

“Hum ne sou logon se poocha”, says Prasad of Tusker. Murali adds, “We did this survey one on one with about a hundred respondents to find out about misconceptions that people have about steel kitchens.”

“We understood and informed the respondents on the misconceptions they had”, says Prasad, smiling.

“The respondents were taken aback with the opinions they had and were pleased that we helped them change their viewpoints”.

“These were a few perspectives we did manage to change, during the course of our interactions for the survey,” says Prasad

Myth number 1 – “The kitchen will corrode… The steel used is SS 304 grade, the most used type of steel in the world. It is corrosion resistant and is used in the aviation, shipping & medical industries.”


Myth number 2 – “It is expensive. Stainless steel is a little more costly than wood. But the, the longevity of stainless steel more than pays for the difference. Wood is relatively cheaper up front but requires lengthy and expensive maintenance later on.”


Myth number 3 – “Steel kitchens make lots of noise. Well, this misconception comes from many Indian families who use stainless steel utensils in their kitchens and have dropped them during usage. Our cabinets are precision designed and manufactured keeping such incidents in mind. The assembly is seamless and we use rivets used for the airline and shipping industries in joinery. The kitchen is absolutely noiseless in usage. Further, it is even almost noiseless during installation. The installation is quieter than that of wooden kitchens.”


Myth number 4 – “We may need special hardware to go with these kitchens. Oh, oh, not at all. The kitchen cabinets are designed to accept any brand of hardware that is being used in India, to name a few… Hettich, BLUM, EBCO and others.”


Myth number 5 – “Maintenance is expensive. Ooops… The kitchens can be cleaned with mild detergent and water, you can use Colin or any other household cleaning agent. You must also understand that steel cabinets do not attract pests, growth of pathogenic bacteria and fungi that are highly possible in the wooden boards used presently in Indian kitchens, they have a content of cellulose that attracts ants, cockroaches, bugs… the worst infestation would be of termites and the wood borer pest that destroys wooden carpentry. This is negated in our stainless steel kitchen cabinetry”


Myth number 6 – “Stainless Steel is not recycle friendly. Steel is one of the most recycled materials on the planet. Approximately 88% of the world’s steel is recycled. Moreover, 80% of new steel comes from old steel. Stainless Steel is totally green for the environment.”


Myth number 7 – “Can the kitchen be designed for my space in the kitchen? Yes of course, Our modules come in standard sizes and every size of cabinet has been designed keeping the Indian kitchen in mind. Sizes of different varieties in the cabinetry make designing and installing the kitchen easy, peasy. It avoids wastage and littering by carpentry work. When cabinetry of steel is used… they are impeccably accurate and give an excellent geometric precision of right angles to the cabinetry.”


Myth number 8 – “Most importantly it may conduct and interfere with medical instruments and pacemakers. Good point… Pacemakers are not affected by steel kitchens. They are affected by strong electric and radiation interference. Steel cabinets are interior modules and are aesthetically covered by wooden shutters and stone counter tops. It is safe to come in proximity and use steel kitchens without any doubts. In fact, pace makers are designed in such a way, that devices like the ICD at airports, television sets, radios, wireless headphones, stereos, cordless phones, hair dryers, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, microwaves, computers and several other appliances do not interfere with the functioning of a pace maker.”

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