Everything You Need to Know About Modular Kitchens in a Nutshell

Everything You Need to Know About Modular Kitchens in a Nutshell

Have you wondered why there is so much commotion about modular kitchens? Why are people pouring in money from their savings into constructing lavish and structured kitchens? What is wrong with a traditional kitchen with a counter-top, space for a gas burner, cutting, chopping, grinding and mixing? In this article, we promise to provide the answers to all your questions by glossing through all the nitty-gritty.

A modular kitchen is a kitchen equipped with cabinets, appliances, modern-day utensils, and cooking gadgets. They are specifically designed to meet the combined needs of cooking, food preparation, storage, hygiene, safety, space management, interior decoration, the entertaining of guests and seating arrangements for regular meals at home. Designing a home is hard work, and would be left incomplete without going into the finer details. Modular kitchens offer compact and affordable solutions for the creation of a happier a better-equipped kitchen zone. The food we eat is what keeps us alive. Why ignore such an important aspect of our lives?

Why are Tusker’s modular kitchen cabinets special?

Tusker’s modular kitchen designs are based on a stainless steel 304-grade framework. This is the most hygienic and durable form of steel available in the market. Tusker works with a stainless steel base model in order to provide a strong backbone that will prevent decay and damage to your kitchen. No more rust, dampness, fungus or molds plaguing your kitchen workspace. The problems caused by a wooden framework are now a thing of the past. Your kitchen will be designed according to exact dimensions, bearing in mind the measurements of your appliances, sink, table tops, counter tops, and stoves. You can construct your space at will. Your designer will show you the best textures, contours, appliances, lighting, and flooring motifs, according to your tastes. Style is a conscious choice. And as a homeowner, you need to be conscious of every single facet of your kitchen.

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Lifetime durability is the promise afforded by a modular kitchen. Being built upon a skeleton of high-grade stainless steel brings with it the assurance of being able to withstand various kinds of wear and tear or decay. Time and the elements run their course on all objects. Your kitchen is no exception to the laws of the universe. An SS 304 base is in line with the scientific advancements that allow us to construct the most feasible solutions for people.

Being Indian brings with it a rich legacy that has been passed down to us over centuries. It is a gift from our ancestors, meant to be bequeathed to the future. The wet style of cooking forms the basis of Indian cuisine. Having the right blueprint to shelter your kitchen from damage caused by moistness and water is essential to preserving your cooking space. We cook from the heart, and our fond memories of our loved ones are eternally intertwined with our workings over the fire of a stove. Let us, at Tusker, show you how to pick and choose, so that you are able to work within a kitchen, tailor-made for you, your personal haven of solace and comfort.

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