Prideful Possession

Prideful Possession

Tusker introduced state of the art vanity cabinets

Tusker’s Vanity Cabinets are designed with a sleek, ceramic top to complement most restroom & bathroom themes and are equipped with soft-close doors that let you place or take out items quickly with minimal noise.  The inner structure of the Vanity Cabinet is crafted with SS 304 Grade stainless steel and the outer surface comes with different color options.

Quality is the highest USP

All the models are exclusive products of SS 304 Grade with state of the art design. The cutting edge technology used in the design and effective qualities make these cabinets lucrative.

  • The hygienic stainless steel cabinet is a hindrance to all kinds of pests and it is weather-resistant and waterproof. 
  • It keeps away rust and stains.
  • It doesn’t emit chemicals and bad odors.

Stability stands strong because the raw materials used are completely different with a better functionality of the hardware and with the machine holes, it functions much better and absolutely without any maintenance cost. 

The Vanity Cabinets are hygienic as there is no chemical emission at joints, no adhesive to paste laminates or to join edge banding, no compression of different materials and no chemical smell. 

The perfect product to adorn your home

The vanity cabinets are crafted and designed beautifully to give the washroom space, a functional and enticing look. These are free from pests and stains and are engineered to perfection to ensure durability, providing resistance to heat, shock & scratches.



The state of the art design gives your washroom space the perfect shape and size. The enticing look certainly grabs the attention as it spreads a fresh vibe. The seamless design and the fresh look can anytime soothe one’s mood, providing simple functionalities.

This is the perfect bathroom vanity for all those who love simple minimal designs. The flawless design gives the washroom, a bracing look that captivates your eyes and mood. Tusker’s Capsule Vanity Cabinet is surely an escape from everyday’s mundanity.


The flawless design gives washroom, a bracing look that captivates your eyes and mood. Tusker’s Capsule vanity cabinet is surely an escape from everyday’s mundanity.


Tusker’s Neptune Vanity Cabinet is as precious as the planet since the resistance and hygiene properties keep it at the safest distance from the heat, stains, rust, pest, shock, and scratches. The precious look is certainly, the owner’s pride and with time becomes the most valuable possession. It adorns the look of one’s washroom while also creating a convenient storage area for various items.


Experience the beauty of the latest technologies used in designing the Nexus Vanity Cabinet models. This style of cabinet is crafted to balance design with the practicality that your washroom demands. This is the best choice as a hygienic solution requiring minimal maintenance to maintain high levels of cleanliness.


If you care about hygiene and beauty at the same time, Tusker’s Crystal Vanity Cabinet is the best solution for you. The cutting edge technology used in the design and effective qualities makes the cabinet lucrative.

We deliver efficiencies!

Customers receive the products on the same day or the next day after paying the advance amount.

Transportation, logistics, inventory management have topped in terms of service. 

The fixing manuals come inside the pack which is making the carpenter’s work much easier. They can assemble the cabinet in 5-7 minutes without any error. These cabinets are compatible with all types of hardware thus reducing the pain of carpenters and manufacturers.

We are on an enduring journey to innovate new technologies and incorporate the ideas into our state of the art design.

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