Tusker is a much sought after brand under Prasara Innotech Pvt Ltd. Tusker manufactures and services the needs of modular kitchen makers and fulfill the dreams of end users with its patented products – Tusker Stainless Steel 304 Grade Modules.

Tusker’s products are a result of countless hours of meticulous research & design by a dedicated team of experts that have a combined experience of over 2 decades.

This enables Tusker to provide world-class SS 304 kitchen cabinets that are robust, aesthetic, corrosion free, pest and dust free and have the longest life amongst modular furniture. They come in varied sizes for all the 5 work zones a kitchen has.

Riding on the wave of innovation, Tusker now has more than 800 variants of cabinets & sizes for kitchen and vanity areas at homes.

  • Design is  Quality
  • Tucked away in a busy industrial area, but surprisingly in the heart of Bengaluru, is Tusker!
  • First of its kind in India, perhaps in the world. Our products are designed keeping the modular furniture manufacturer in mind. Each cabinet has the ease of accepting any brand of hardware. In short, they are vendor and brand-neutral.

8 reasons to choose Tusker

  • Tusker SS 304 Modules are recommended as a replacement for all cabinets in Indian Kitchens. Indian kitchens predominantly support wet cooking, unlike western countries where most is oven made, microwaved or is just heat and eat.
  • Tusker Modules are structurally match work and skills for identification and assembly by Indian carpenters.
  • Wide range to choose from for all work zones of Indian kitchens.
  • Supplied in CKD’s, easiest to transport and assemble at a site with just a few hand-held tools.
  • Compliments functionality of hardware with ease, with System 32 supported pre-machined drilling holes and thread inserts for universally accepted M4 screws.
  • It is truly ‘Do It Yourself’, if you have the time and passion to build your own things.

Every module of choice is indestructible, unlike wood that has limitations.

Steel modules ensure trees live longer and negate deforestation.

  1. Select Tusker SS 304 modules for Kitchen Cabinets, Dishwashers, HOB’s, Sinks, etc.
  2. Design the exterior of your kitchen, opt for your choice of hardware.
  3. Choose a platform that you like from Granite / Wood / Corian / Artificial Stone.
  4. Installation Once cabinets are assembled, get a carpenter to complete the kitchen installation.
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Modular Kitchen Cabinets Manufacturer in Bangalore

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Tusker is a result of countless hours spent meticulously designed by a team with a combined experience of over 4 decades and careful selection of manufacturing processes are SS 304 cabinets which are robust, aesthetic, corrosion free, pest and dust free and have the longest life amongst modular furniture

Tusker modular kitchen makers

Pouring over computer monitors, sheaf’s of CAD designs our team has meticulously designing innovative modular kitchen makers SS 304 Modules ready to revolutionize kitchens across the globe.

Tusker  modular kitchen makers cabinets are incorporated with features like Gola Profile, System 32 and others which make it compatible with existing products for all leading brands

Business Enquiries

kitchen cabinet makers, Tusker is having a great beginning with several business channel partners welcoming our products. Presently our products are available with dealers across Bengaluru, Mangaluru, Nagpur, Delhi, Kochi, Vijayawada, Hyderabad, Vishakapatnam and we are looking for new channel partners & in different parts in India.

If you would like to partner with us in our aggressive expansion mode and be one one of our business partners across India,

kitchen Cabinet Makers, Modular Kitchen Makers, Tusker India Bangalore



We would like to introduce ourselves. We – Prasara Innotech Pvt Ltd manufacture and service needs of Modular Kitchen by our Patented Product which are Stainless Steel 304 Grade Modules of Varied sizes for the 5 Work Zones. We are pleased to attach the details pertaining to TUSKER Brand Stainless Steel Cabinets.

Now we have more than 600 variety of cabinets/sizes for kitchen and vanity areas. Hope attached presentation may be informative and useful…